Teen Artist: Sabrina Signs Speaks

Sabrina Signs is a young singer and songwriter, who has had a passion for music her entire life. As a young child, she was singing from the moment she woke up, to the moment she fell asleep, and as a teen, she claims that not much has changed. Sabrina writes all of her songs, which are inspired by her real life, and fuses a positive theme and unique message for the people into each.

Sabrina recently graduated from high school, Class of 2013. She plans to go back to school eventually, but for the time being, she’s remaining fully focused on her career. Sabrina Signs has many inspirations and loves many genres of music. Currently, she is a fan of the song “Don’t want to fight love away” by Armin Van Buren Ft. Cindy Alma. The young songwriter describes her music as an experience; meant to touch the souls of listeners, and she wants to “Let them know that it’s okay to feel.” Each song is meant to make the listener aware, let them grieve, be happy, and experience the many moments of life.

Sabrina arranges her own wardrobe, is her own stylist, and loves style. She’s a signed model, and absolutely adores fashion. Her style is fun and colorful. She weaves in her unique style as a part of expressing who she is. “I just dress in what I like and what I think is cool. At one point in my life, I wanted to be a designer or a stylist. “

As a successful teen recording artist and model, Sabrina has this advice to offer any young aspiring artist: ”Just be yourself. There’s only one you. Don’t give up because the road is tough and bumpy, you’ll reach paradise after the long journey. Stay positive.”

Currently, Sabrina’s finishing up an album. The next two months she’ll be in full production mode. She plans to do only a show or two during this time, focusing on the album. Sabrina loves the stage and loves to meet people. “So, you’ll have to stay tuned!” she adds.









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Nerd Blossom February 7, 2014 Music