Svit Tech

 I had an opportunity to sit down with our very own Svit Tech. Svit Tech began his Electronic Dance Music (EDM) journey in 2007 after attending college in the United States for audio engineering. The roots of this journey began in the Czech Republic, Svit Tech’s native country. During the late 1990’s onward, EDM was rocking Europe, becoming very popular in clubs and other gatherings. EDM in the US is still crawling in to the picture, and “most people listen to the only big room stuff like Dubstep.” Some of his favorite artists and inspirations include; Jean Luc, Jochen Miller,  and Ashley Wallbridge.

While it is difficult to gain an audience through the EDM scene in the United States, Svit Tech is carving out a place for himself. Svit Tech describes 2014 as his “biggest year yet” for creation and renewal of his music. He hopes to begin playing again in clubs during 2014, spreading his talents. Svit Tech is passionate about Djing and has been since a very young age, he describes creating music as “incredible, amazing, energetic, but also very stressful,” trance, house, and techno music are his personal paradise.

Svit Tech has this advice to offer aspiring DJ’s and artists; “now that we have so many DJ’s it’s important to create some tracks of your own!” Stay tuned to see where Svit Tech’s journey takes him next!




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Nerd Blossom February 18, 2014 Music