Ill Snowboarding

John from Ill Snowboarding is a young entrepreneur from Collinsville CT, an area he describes as having “tons of history”. By young, I mean that John is quite literally, very young; he is in fact, a high school student. John began snowboarding in the sixth grade, after having been a skateboarder.

John is inspired by snowboarding and considers it a lifestyle. “In all honesty”, he says, “I don’t quite feel the same in day to day life in the off season.” He looks up to CEOs and innovative, types and wants to learn as much as he possibly can about running a company. He aspires to establish a large scale manufacturing company when he’s finished with college, and have lots of fun with it.

John is always looking to make boarders happy. He has a small but growing team of snowboarders that Ill Snowboarding supports, and he loves seeing them progress and support the company! John is positive and knows what he wants despite criticism from his peers and community. He remarks about his naysayers:

“My favorite thing about running my own business as a high school student is hearing all the negative comments from people. I used to (not so much anymore) get a lot of these comments, people said lots of things like ‘your company is worthless’ and ‘great job using your parents money.’ Surprisingly I got satisfaction from hearing these things because in fact, I have NEVER once used my parents’ money for my company. I am a 100% self-made entrepreneur. I got much motivation to make more sales and create a better company from hearing negative remarks over the years.”

Ill Snowboarding is all about the fans, whether they are devoted customers and purchase from Ill regularly, or simply like the Facebook page. John expresses appreciation for the fans and is happy to hear raves about his videos and give out stickers.

Ill’s Website


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