Voodoo With A Twist

When I asked about the origin of the name Dr. Voodoo, he replied: “Simple…. I’m a modern day Witch Doctor, a Priest initiated into the religion of Santeria, Vodou and Palo Mayombe who helps people with spiritual remedies to help them in their lives … I’ve always been a very spiritual person even when I was a child, always felt energies and spirits around me and was a natural medium and spiritualist, I felt a closeness to the universe and of course music was always a great foundation for my spiritual experiences, while I was growing up in New York I ended up meeting my God Mother an elderly woman and priestess in the religion of Santeria who took me under her wing to teach me and provided me initiations into the religion as a priest the religion otherwise known as Lukumi or Santería which is a system of beliefs that merges the Yorùbá religion (which was brought to the New World by West Africans). These African Diaspora who ended up in the Caribbean islands particularly Cuba as slaves from Africa carried with them various religious customs from Africa, including a trance for communicating with their ancestors and deities, animal sacrifice, sacred drumming and dance rituals, the religion shares some similarity to the Vodou religion and is often generalized as Voodoo …. There are sacred initiations to become a priest , they start with receiving Elekes (necklaces) that are consecrated with herbs and blood from animals used in the ritual to consecrate them as holy, they are multi colored and each one represents one of our African Deities …. While I was walking around wearing my Elekes (necklaces) in my neighborhood I got the nickname “Voodoo” because people would recognize them as pertaining to Voodoo and instantly associated them …… So the nickname Voodoo was born and adopted by almost everyone who knew me, even my own mom started calling me Voodoo because it just caught on, I’ve always been involved in Music since I was old enough to bang on pots and pans in my moms kitchen and played the drums, Guitar, and Bass Guitar all the way into Highschool when I got into my first Metal Band and later a Punk Band, during that time Heavy metal music was being mixed with Hiphop and other influences as well, I ended up getting a Trance and Techno Cassette mix tape and my taste started changing from Metal into electronic dance music and Industrial, I eventually got my first crate of Freestyle, Breakbeat and Trance records and my first set of technic turntables and made my neighbors really pissed off with afterschool basement parties which started getting pretty big during the 90’s when Rave culture was taking a big step forwards… of course my DJ name ended up being Voodoo and I didn’t get much of a choice about the name it just stuck, later on the name was used by a few other DJ’s and when I started getting into producing music I became the Mad scientist “Doctor Voodoo”

If you were curious like I was about whether or not his music has any correlation to actual Voodoo, Dr. Voodoo explains; “everything I do revolves around my sacred beliefs, everything about EDM and the rave culture represents that same tribal practice, even the sharing of necklaces and kandi…. kinda reminds me of an ancient tribal experience in a sense, every music gathering is a celebration of life in my faith so why should it be any different when im on stage? My take is …. it’s a celebration of our spirit and the ones who were before us we Dance and so do the spirits with us, so Yes I believe it does in fact have a spiritual connection with my performance and music.”

Right now he’s working on multiple studio projects, rebuilding the websites, a new photo shoot (and he doesn’t tend to like like pictures, he’s a little camera shy) working on releasing his new EP album “The Hexorcist” and “Dance Floor Murderers” it involves everything from Trance to Hardstyle, Metal, Hardcore and Industrial Electronica … The new studio projects involve some metal bands and vocal artists with some new break through material that will definitely change the game a bit. Dr. Voodoo’s weekly routine ranges from studio productions, event coordination, consulting, event promotion, artist management and bookings and running his indie record label, taking several artists under his wing and mentoring them …. while they try getting in the music business, getting their chance at the stage. Dr. Voodoo is a pretty busy guy most of the time.

When he’s not making music, Dr. Voodoo is a martial artist and hits the gym for at least an hour each day. He’s into surfing, long boarding and boogie boarding, going fishing, hiking & hunting. Always with his entourage, Dr. Voodoo has something constantly going on. He’s also into the street racing scene with Euro tuner cars … So racing, Car shows and meets are a big part of his life, from Monday to Sunday nights.. The night usually starts out with car meets, street racing and then hitting 5 or more parties per night doing cameos and appearances at most of the Clubs and private underground parties in New York City.

While Dr. Voodoo is a fun-loving joker, he remains a perfectionist with music and his live performances, spending several hours preparing for every performance in the studio to make sure it is perfect for them- that it is the absolute BEST performance of their lives. Always raising the bar each time with bigger and bigger ideas to keep them in total shock by the experience. He will take the time to meet the fans, meeting every person to get to know who they are, what they enjoy best, their insight, ideas. The Dr. explains: “My saying has always been part of an oldskool party kid motto … “Hugs not handshakes” – So I often give big hugs to my fans instead of handshakes!”

Among the musical favorites of Dr. Voodoo are Nine Inch Nails and Alice in Chain, his favorite DJ’s have always been AVB and Andy Blueman in the Trance scene, The Prophet, Psycho Punkz and Coone with Hardstyle. He has a profound respect for these artists specifically … not only because he has known them and performed with them, but because they remain inspirational musically to him and set new standards and boundaries in the music business.

When I asked Dr. Voodoo what he loves best about being a DJ, his blunt and hilarious reply was; “Simple … my insane ryder contract obligations for my crazy rockstar lifestyle which includes dancing monkey’s in suits that carry my cold beverages around on top of Break Dancing fire poi robots while crowd surfing in life rafts, spitting Cristal champagne onto the crowd slapping pretty girls butts with their dirty monkey paws (kidding of course). The truth? I love interacting with people and performing … I love to Party ….. I love to see people enjoying themselves … I think of myself not only as the entertainment but as the Host, I try to make sure everyone is having a blast … having the best time of their life …… that makes what I do worth it and puts a value on it for me. “

When I asked Dr. Voodoo to try to contain an explanation of his music into one sentence, he was well prepared with the words; Intense, Uplifting, Dark, Profound, Heavy Bass Music that hits your chest like a stick of dynamite just went off in your shoes and made you jump 20 feet off the ground while landing into a field of cotton fluff, lasers and disco balls.

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