Change Your State of Mind: TUANIS

 “Tuanis” is a Costa Rican slang term that denotes a sense of well-being, of affirmation. This word was created from a tico slang called Malespín. The Costa Rican army, in the middle of the war with Nicaragua, found that the military orders were intercepted by the “nica” spies. The general Malespín proposed that the letter A was changed by E, the I by O, M to P and T to B. So Tuanis is the code word from “Buenos” (good, great) in Malespín.

Tiring of the “Rat Race”, Nader Sherif escaped from L.A. To a peaceful, seaside village in Costa Rica during 2005. With a few dollars to his name he sold all of his personal belongings, packed up his two dogs and he and his girlfriend headed to the remote jungles somewhere near the ninth parallel. With no command of the language or any familiarity of the culture or its people, Costa Rica brought some of Sherif’s most difficult challenges. While working ridiculous hours to establish himself as a self-employed Realtor, Sherif found himself falling in love with this tiny, little country in Central America.. Sure, the beaches were beautiful but it was the lifestyle that he really fell in love with. “It was like yesterday” as Sherif put it as he spoke of the fall that started it all.

The road was more like a trail than a road with sharp jig-jags resembling a dusty snake working its way over the Montezuma mountains located on the North West Pacific coast of Costa Rica. It was the dry season and the road hadn’t seen a drop of water for two months. The car bounced and jarred from side to side navigating the precariously narrow road with the holes and ruts causing the tires to slip and spin at every switchback. Dust floated from the road like smoke and the lack of visibility made this drive all the more miserable and dangerous.

Ahead of the car bounced along a homemade motorcycle with two men carrying a five-gallon can of gasoline. The black smoke mixed with the dust completely blinding the driver. One minute Sherif couldn’t see the motorcycle and the next minute the brake light of the bike was nearly smashing into the hood of his car. The incline became nearly unbearable and Sherif could see the motorcycle bouncing against the skyline. The ruts and holes became worse and the bike began bouncing uncontrollably. The bike sped along, hitting one last rut and bounced backwards, dumping the two riders and the gas can to the road, the riders sliding nearly under the tires of Sherif’s car.

Sherif stopped the car and lept from the driver’s seat to check on the riders. The bike lay on the road, engine idling and tires spinning. The gas can settled to the edge of the road and the drivers were attempting to get up to steady themselves. Sherif panicked to see the back passenger rise from the street; dust clinging to his bloody face. In broken Spanish, Sherif asked if they were alright and from the mask of dust, blood and pain broke a smile that exclaimed, “TUANIS”! The two passengers dusted themselves off, shook hands with Sherif and assured him that he was ok, righted the bike and continued up the mountain…Sherif was beside himself. When he got back into town he began asking around about “TUANIS”. What did it mean? How could someone endure an accident like that, brush it off and continue on their way and be happy about it?

That moment was a crucial turning point in Sherif’s life, that moment was when TUANIS APPAREL was born. In 2005 when Sherif and his girlfriend Beth sold everything they owned, packed up their two dogs and moved to Costa Rica; their family and peers thought that they were absolutely insane. Sherif’s quest for paradise became a journey within himself which led him to the TUANIS lifestyle. TUANIS helped him realize that is no such physical place called paradise and in order to reach paradise he needed to to change his approach on life which started with changing the way he viewed everything around him, that was the moment Sherif had his epiphany. That epiphany turned in to TUANIS.

Years later, Sherif has returned to the United States with his now wife Beth and his daughter Sheyla. He recognized the stark contrast of TUANIS and how many are currently living here in the first world. Much like Sherif has instilled the important messages of TUANIS to his daughter he’s now decided to introduce TUANIS to the world through his company TUANIS APPAREL. “It’s time to change the state of the world but to do that you need to change your state of mind.”

TUANIS is more then just a brand. TUANIS is a new way to live; It’s about enjoying the moment and letting things happen the way they are supposed to. It’s not a remedy nor a cultural anesthetic like so many first world “cures”. It’s not a materialistic band-aid to get through the day. It’s not just a change of vocabulary; the TUANIS lifestyle is designed for those who are tired of the Rat Race. Stop racing through the day and start embracing it!


Tuanis…Change Your State of Mind.

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