The Shroom Room

Leanna Kirch has been knotting and designing for her entire life. When she was a little girl, her mother would always find her with string underneath the dining room table. She used to tie all the chairs together and make as many knots as she possibly could. She has always loved knotting and designing, and now she's making a career from this passion. Leanna started making jewelry when she was 8 or 9 years old. She went to small events in the beginning, and mainly sold earrings that were made of wire and beads. She stopped for a couple of years, but recently began again in April of 2012. 

Her boyfriend had ordered her a hemp mushroom necklace because she had always wanted one. The same day it came in the mail, it broke, so Leanna decided to make her own. She purchased some hemp and the The Shroom Room Hemp Jewelry was founded.
Leanna says of her work:  “I'm not thinking creatively, I begin to get very stressed. My inspiration was my broken mushroom necklace, and my idea for a cheaper and better quality alternative to machine made jewelry. I don't want anyone else to pay $15 for a necklace and have it break the same day. Support small businesses and buy handmade!”

A great deal of Leanna's supplies are recycled. Some of the charms and pendants she uses are from old jewelry or findings, and of course, she always use 100% hemp cord because of its outstanding durability and comfortable texture. Leanna has a unique eye and talent for designing mushroom necklaces. A hemp mushroom necklace was the beginning of her venture, and they are her favorite to make. Her goal is to create things that people will love. Her Philosophy on beginning a piece of jewelry “I don't just make things that I think look cool, I like to learn from every order I get and make things that nobody else will have anything like. My whole purpose is to be unique, and never make anything that's the same as something else. I want my customers to always know that their item is one of a kind, and that sets me a part from the rest.”

 Most of  the Shroom Room's clients know about the wonderful and astronomical benefits of hemp. When a client has no idea what hemp is, Leanna takes the time to educate and explain to them the benefits of using hemp. “They all support the hemp movement once they understand it.” Leanna says. 
The Shroom Room's business is based on custom orders. There is no extra charge for a custom order, and Leanna is willing to attempt anything that the customer wants. Leanna adds; “I always do my best to satisfy my customers and make them something they will always remember and cherish.”

 Leanna reports that the hemp jewelry business is very relaxed. Most of the people involved are very down to earth and friendly. “We like to exchange ideas and inspire each other.”
Leanna's shop is based out of Greensboro, NC. In the works is a change of locale and her hemp jewelry will soon be available to purchase at her family's skate shop, above Board Skate Park in Greensboro.



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