Joe Taylor Returns From Winter Tour, But Not For Long

Musician Joe Taylor has recently returned from his winter tour across the United States, to nestle back in to the groove of his home-state of New York. For Taylor; the tour was long, but rewarding and he is glad to be back home to work on more music. Ever since he can remember, Taylor has been jiving to his favorite songs, but “a summer of heart breaks from a certain beautiful girl” gave him the inspiration to create. He made a passion out of an unpleasant situation, and used his parents garage as a studio where he created his first song “Tears Are Coming Down” which can be found on his CD.

As Taylor moved through life, he was inspired by everything around him. He wrote about anything from television, to Sunday brunch. His friends and family also provided him with great influences and support as he moved through the formative years of his career. Among familial inspirations, Taylor was influenced by various artists like The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, and Queen which still rank as some of his favorites.

In Joe Taylor’s eyes “nothing can compare to being on stage and feeling the energy of the audience. Priceless and timeless.” He feels lucky for having the opportunities to spread his sound. One of his teachers also gave him a hand. As Taylor began to familiarize himself with the guitar, his religion teacher gave him a hand and taught him some Beatles songs. Taylor has had a good run so far but doesn’t plan to stop, as he will be performing at the Ottawa Convention Centre for the National Women’s Show during March 29th and 30th. “With 10,000 women in in one place I hope to not disappoint them with my voice and guitar playing, or I better start running.”

Joe has gained recognition with the New York Times, and dubbed the Subway Idol. He is flattered for the recognition, but doesn’t stop too long to bask in the flame since he tries do his best to adress the question; “what can I do to move this career forwards and not backwards?”

As a word of advice to anyone hoping to follow their path as a musician Taylor offers this: “If you need to have a backup plan don’t do this business. You will get run over like a speeding bullet train at 400 miles an hour. It doesn’t mean you don’t work a job to survive but if you want to pick a career good luck. And to the 0000.0009 of you that are 110 percent committed and serious about the music business…… Never ever ever ever ever give up!”

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