eFlow Flows in to the Scene

eFlow is one of the younger musicians on our set list, but he’s definitely paving a way for himself in the EDM world. What started out as a passion for hockey lit the flame of creation. Eflow played hockey with international teams, as well as some of his teammates. “We always had different kinds of music in the locker room,” but it was European dance music that struck a chord.

As he grew up, he became curious in what his friends were listening to at the time, he had not yet thought that this curiosity would help in leading him on the path to creating his own music. In fact, he is planning to soon release his first official EP, which include five new tracks. As for performances; eFlow is focusing on the local level. He performs for local parties in addition to sharing his music in other ways.

When he performs, eFlow says that “good music can make [him] feel anything from sad, to happy, to angry, to crazy” he feels good to perform, and it gives him inspirations for his own musical creation.

For anyone looking to go in to this biz, eFlow offers this: “Keep working hard and trying new things, keep the ideas coming! Look up how different people play instruments, use techniques and all that. The more different styles you know, the more open you are to finding your own technique off of it that sets you apart from others.” 

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Nerd Blossom March 12, 2014 Music