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Thomas Darby, the founder and designer for Enlightened Design Syndicate, was eager to share his story with KusH. Magazine. Now that Darby has attained his degree in graphic design and multi media; he is more than ready to come out with new designs and lines for EDS. Darby has always been interested in the look of skater apparel, for him “looking unique expresses who you are” which was the main motivation for creating his own clothing line.

Darby had the inspirations of what others were wearing, and wanted his designs to be “inspirational and to be able to give the wearer a feeling of hotness or freshness.” For Darby there is not particular inspiration through this process, but rather the world has inspired him in his designs. He allows his mind to wonder freely wherever he goes, from watching cars in traffic to listening to various musicians.

Through the foundation of Enlightened Design Syndicate, Darby has learned a few things; “planning is extraordinarily important before you decide to take that money out of your bank account.” While Darby continues to forge a path for his own, his goals remain steadfast; “Go out there and follow your dreams, and make those dreams reality.” Darby believes that everyone is unique and deserves to showcase that uniqueness and enjoy life.

For Darby, life is not solely about money, but rather about dreaming, and achievement of those dreams. For anyone hoping to design their own line, Darby offers this; “Absolutely remember why you are designing in the first place. Don’t be the person to dream of billions of dollars. You should be the person who started for the love and passion.” You may catch Darby at a concert or local skate park handing out gear, so be on the lookout!

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