Jackie Bell of Beau Belle Designs

For the creator of Beau Belle Designs, Jackie Bell, life is nothing short of busy. Between caring for her children and working, she still finds time to create amazing works of wearable art. However, in the midst of this, she takes a fun approach on life and loves everything she does. Until the end of 2012, jewelry making was only a notion that occasionally popped up every now and again for Bell.

During December of 2012, she asked for a jewelry book to give her inspiration to begin making jewelry, but it was her husband who provided the first true stepping stones that she needed to get off her feet. “It was my husband who inspired me to use old guitar strings.” She has made earrings, bracelets, and pendants using the strings. She contributes her success to her husband, who has been supportive throughout the entire adventure.

Through making jewelry, Bell hopes to continue using both recycled and new materials to create a fusion of new and old, she hopes to showcase the beauties of Scotland and Malaysia. Bell is currently working on creating more complex and unique designs. As for anyone hoping to begin their own line, Bell has this to offer: “You will never know what works until you try it.”

Learn more about Beau Belle Designs by visiting her FaceBook, and her KusH Kulture profile.

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