Get in Depth With Dephkilla Deville

Ever since he was young, Dephkilla Deville was rapping his favorite songs, and became inspired to create his own music. As he grew up, he was heavily influenced by the Hip-Hop and Rap music of the East Coast. Some of Dephkilla’s favorite musicians include Big L, and Tech N9ne. Throughout the ten years he’s been performing and creating, Dephkilla feels good to know that his emotions through music will translate to his audience.

His performances have not been without their difficulties, sometimes women fall for Dephkilla, and once a woman grabbed him and needed to be escorted out. Keep a look out for Dephkilla Deville’s newest material, including his new mixtape “Murderous Intent” and soon “Skary Storiez” with his brother. If you’re ever in Denver, CO be sure to check out one of his shows!

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Nerd Blossom March 19, 2014 Music