Go Down Under With High Side Driver

We were lucky enough to have a chance to speak with Rod Whitfield of High Side Driver. The Australian alternative rock band is working on their debut album release, as well as a new single. Rod was inspired by his love for good music, with bands such as AC/DC, Rush, and Opeth to inspire him along the way to fulfilling his passion.

In 2010, Rod formed the band with guitarist Matt, who inspired the name “High Side Driver” from a piece of engine equipment, the name stuck, and henceforth High Side Driver was born in to the Australian music scene. For Rod, playing in the music capital of Australia is stunning, with many bands reaching outside of the country’s limits. However, “on the other side of the coin, we have venues falling over, the amount of places to play is getting smaller every year, even here in Melbourne,” but they move forward nonetheless.

As for their own musical creation, the band is composed of members who have love for their own tastes of music, Rod loves progressive rock and jazz, while other band mates focus partially on metal, classic rock, and tastes of hip-hop. Together they create their own unique sounds. When they perform together, they always come away with a memorable time of it, “when we nail it, it’s awesome, and when we mess up, it’s god-awful. Hopefully we’re moving more towards consistently the former.” When they perform; they feel an entire gamut of emotions, and are loving every second of it.

For anyone hoping to become a rock star, High Side Driver offers this; “do it for the right reason. If you’re doing it for money, girls (or boys), fame, drugs, ego or anything like that, retire now. Or at least strongly re-evaluate your motivations.” The band plays music for the love of playing, and nothing else.

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Nerd Blossom April 8, 2014 Band, Music