Winter Music Conference With Darin Epsilon

Our marketing and recruitment manager, Svit Tech was lucky to have spent time in Miami at this year’s Winter Music Conference. He came back with a lot, including an interview with Darin Epsilon.

Since the tender age of fourteen, Darin has been writing his own music. His passion for music was inspired by other Dj’s, bands as well as composers like Nobuo Uematsu. Darin discovered his talents for song-writing during a music production course at school, since then it has come naturally to him to write, but he is always working to improve and hone his talents.

Now, Darin looks forward to releasing six new tracks and collaborating with other artists for more great music to come. Darin finds his unique touch in emotionally charged music with depth and soul. “It’s for people who consider themselves intelligent, creative, and forward-thinking.” He’s learning a lot, and having a lot of fun doing it, for Darin; going in to the music industry takes extreme dedication, patience, and perseverance. And for anyone hoping to dive in he offers this; “ Always keep a nice positive attitude and be sure to study your craft until you know it inside and out.

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