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Michael Burian has been keeping busy with the creation of his music, but was happy to spare a moment for us. Since he was a child, music and creating have always touched him. He would imagine creating music, and by listening; he gained more inspiration “I can’t stop listening to music.”

When he was growing up, Burian enjoyed listening to his mother’s gramophone, which inspired him to make music of his own. “ My first performance was in a school party, I was 15 back then, we did it with an old cassette recorder, but everybody was happy and dancing like crazy.” Nearly twenty years later, he is touring with an entire host of well-known EDM DJ’s and musicians such as Paul Van Dyk, with whom he will be performing with on May 17th.

While Burian is a Czech native, he agrees that the EDM scene is strong in the United States as well and that “Both scenes have their own fan bases which treat them with the respect and devotion they deserve.” While he is busy with shows and fans, Burian also is taking time to create a new release, of which is kept under wraps until later. Burian knows it’s hard to gain a name in the EDM scene, but he encourages aspiring DJ’s to “Never give up” and to “find your own unique sound, which will separate you from the others.”

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